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Sarah Mantin


Sarah is a Registered Nurse and Personal Trainer. She graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Bachelor of Nursing degree where she went on to work in acute medicine and surgery at the hospital in her hometown of Truro, Nova Scotia. Most recently she worked as a travel nurse across Canada.

Sarah always knew she wanted to choose a challenging career that made a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis. Sarah also has a huge passion for health and fitness. Growing up she participated in many sports – soccer, running, and rugby. Sarah spent several years as a competitive rugby player and represented Nova Scotia playing for the Keltic Women’s team.

Her athletic upbringing and passion for health and fitness inspired her to become a Certified Personal Trainer. As a nurse, she has also seen first hand the positive effects of exercise with regard to wellness and rehabilitation. After witnessing over and over again the repercussions of people living unhealthy lifestyles; resulting in diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, cardiac and vascular issues, she wants to inspire and educate people that their health is in their own hands. So many of these chronic diseases can be prevented and as a Certified Personal Trainer, Sarah hopes to enable people to take control of their health through diet and exercise.

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