I have had every service at this facility and loved every one of them. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable I couldn't ask for better!!

Kelsey Finnie

Strada is a great place to receive any of the health services offered - I've personally had a great massage plus all other staff were friendly and knowledgeable regarding any questions I asked them about other treatments. I will be back for sure!

Matt Steele

Don't go anywhere else - Strada goes above and beyond. Where else does a chiropractor treat you, then goes over at-home exercises with you in an actual gym! I've also had hip issues for 3 years - Strada is the first place I've gone where they actually treated my issue and I've been to 3 other places! 5/5. Give them a call.

Benjamin Aikman Green

I love this place! Greg is helping me with strength and increasing my endurance in preparation for my upcoming marathon. I'm pumped to have found this gym and a great trainer.

Elizabeth McEwen

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