Don't Accept Aches and Pains

Team up with Strada!

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Experience the Power of a Team

Team Up with Strada!

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Team up with Strada!

& stay off the bench

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Experience the Power of a Team

Team Up with Strada!

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We are a team of health practitioners

providing the following services under one roof:

Personal Training
Massage Therapy
Acupuncture Treatments in Bedford
Active Release Technique®
Graston Technique® in Bedford
Laser Therapy in Bedford
Custom Orthotics
Complete Concussion Management
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture


I have had every service at this facility and loved every one of them. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable I couldn't ask for better!!

Kelsey Finnie

Strada is a great place to receive any of the health services offered - I've personally had a great massage plus all other staff were friendly and knowledgeable regarding any questions I asked them about other treatments. I will be back for sure!

Matt Steele

Don't go anywhere else - Strada goes above and beyond. Where else does a chiropractor treat you, then goes over at-home exercises with you in an actual gym! I've also had hip issues for 3 years - Strada is the first place I've gone where they actually treated my issue and I've been to 3 other places! 5/5. Give them a call.

Benjamin Aikman Green

I love this place! Greg is helping me with strength and increasing my endurance in preparation for my upcoming marathon. I'm pumped to have found this gym and a great trainer.

Elizabeth McEwen

Our team collaborates for you

to offer the most comprehensive health and fitness services available.

Strada health collaborates to bring you the best health and fitness services

Experience the power of a team

When it comes to health care, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We believe that a team of health practitioners outperform any one practitioner.

At Strada, we are a team that collaborates with each other for you. Your optimum health. Your goals. It is the power of our team that distinguishes us and drives us. This is why we created Strada Health & Fitness and we invite you to team up with Strada!

Your care is our priority

because your goals are our goals

Direct billing

we direct bill most insurance companies so you can avoid all the paperwork.

  • Orthotics and Bracing

    Orthotics & Bracing

    Custom orthotics are manufactured based on a practitioner's professional examination and prescription, and are designed to meet patients' individual and lifestyle needs.  A custom orthotic is a therapeutic device designed to align the foot and ankle into an anatomically efficient position.  They reduce stress and strain on the body by aligning the foot and redirecting forces that take place during the gait cycle.

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  • Nutrition Consulting

    Nutrition Consulting

    No fitness goal can be achieved solely on exercise. Proper nutrition can help with muscle growth, recovery and weight loss. In addition, the right diet can mitigate health problems in the present and future. At Strada Health we can help to ensure that you're eating right.

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  • Sports and Fitness

    Sports & Fitness

    At Strada, our team understands that the type and intensity of your sport can cause unique strain on your body. All of our practitioners play or have engaged in competitive sport in their career. We understand that to enjoy your sport and to play your best, you require adequate muscle strength, flexibility and joint mobility. At Strada we work with a variety of athletes, helping them achieve their competitive goals, pain free.

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